Wednesday, July 06, 2005

NBC's new show, "The World's Dumbest Terrorists"

Chrenkoff has the 6 dumbest terrorist moments. Here's my favorite:

Item 2: It's true that it's not always possible to detonate explosives remotely - while post-liberation the number of cell phones commonly used for that purpose has increased dramatically throughout Iraq, so has the intrusiveness of American jamming technologies - still, some ways to set off a roadside bomb just make it too easy for the infidel imperialist soldiers.

Task Force Baghdad soldiers caught a man red-handed trying to detonate a roadside bomb along a highway south of the city. The military said soldiers patrolling in south Baghdad at around 2 a.m. [July 3] noticed two sets of wires leading to the side of a highway. The patrol followed the wires to a bunker with an overhead cover and found a man with a spool of wire inside.

Check it out. It's definetely worth the read. Not sure if it qualifies as funny or not, but what about the one where the terrorists tried to use a dog as an IED?