Monday, August 22, 2005

This just in... AP says giving charity is bad for you

This is really unbelievable. Dubya really is damned if he do, damned if he don't. Actually, maybe all people morally decent and concerned individuals (dare I say... Christians?) are screwed.

GENEVA (AP)-[off the wire, no link]-New inflows of development aid can overwhelm recipient countries and prevent them from concentrating on basic health care issues, the U.N. health agency said Monday.

"There is more and more money around for development and for health...and I suspect that there are more announcements (for aid pledges) to be awaited," said Andrew Cassels, who is in charge of health and development policy at the World Health Organization.

Cassels said poor countries can easily be overwhelmed by such large amounts of aid pledged by global partnerships such as the Global Fund or U.S. President George W. Bush's emergency plan for AIDS relief in Africa, known as PEPFAR, and also by individual countries.

He said donors demand a large degree of cooperation and monitoring from recipient countries, which often lack the health infrastructure to provide such information. In addition, donors increasingly earmark their funds for very specific projects, with the result that some poor countries have too little money to look after people's basic health care needs.

"This is quite a burden for countries to handle," Cassels said.

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Dubya, the imperialist warmonger capitalist that he is, in an attempt to soften that image tries to help impoverished nations with aid, but that creates more problems than it solves.

I really don't think these people will be happy unless we burn all of our money, give away our natural resources, and institute a mandatory, minimalist monk-like lifestyle in caves surviving via subsistance farming and the charity of other nations. Only then will these impoverished nations (oh, and it's our fault they are impoverished) be able to better themselves and take their rightful spot as world superpowers.

What a huge, steaming, pile of crap.

They have no clue the responsibility that comes with being the world's superpower. That puts them on top of the pedestal for the rest of the world to hate and throw rocks at simply because they've worked hard and succeeded. They all want the power, but not the responsibility that comes with it. Is the rest of the world really that infantile, that similar to the typical angst-ridden teenager who thinks they're omniscient, yet wants absolute personal freedom.

They'd prefer a blank check with no strings attached because heaven forbid we actually insist the money goes to helping the poor citizens of the nation rather than lining the pockets of rich dictators. Because that extra palace will really make the sick and starving proud to be a destitute citizen of a country that can afford to squander its money on that bullshit.

I will repeat myself: what a huge, steaming, pile of crap.