Monday, November 21, 2005

Now that's why I don't watch CNN...

...because they're subliminally messing with your mind. I always thought it strange that after watching only 10 minutes of CNN I had an uncontrollable urge to take razor sharp shears and cut the tops off of shrubs and bushes... Hmmm? Apparently that's not a huge coincidence when you realize they're just putting a big target on the VP's head

At 11:04:45 AM ET Monday CNN was airing Vice President Dick Cheney's speech live from the American Enterprise Institute in Washington -- when a large black 'X' repeatedly flashed over the vice president's face!

The 'X' over Cheney's face appeared each time less than a second, creating an odd subliminal effect.

As this DRUDGE REPORT screen capture reveals, while one 'X' flashed over Cheney's face CNN ran a headline at the bottom of its screen: "CHENEY: I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS WRONG TO CRITICIZE."

One top White House source expressed concern about what was aired over CNN.

"Is someone in Atlanta trying to tell us something?"

A CNN spokesman did not return repeated calls late Monday night.

Just imagine the tragedy that would have been narrowly averted had I been trimming the hedges and if Reggie Bush had stopped by Saturday before his big game against Fresno State.

I shudder at the thought... and I don't think Hugh would have been strong enough to resist these powerful Jedi mind tricks sent by the emperor himself, Ted Turner. Oh how Hugh loathes the Trojans.

UPDATE: Uh-oh Michelle's got it now... It's so on! I hope CNN's ready for the onslaught on this one. She's got phone numbers, emails... the whole nine yards.

UPDATE 2: Looks like it may have been accidental after all. Oops. My bad.