Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Curious what Dubya gave Laura for Christmas?

Sure why not...

For Christmas presents, First Lady Laura Bush is reported to have given her husband a book, clothes and biking gear, while he is said to have offered her jewellery and a DVD player.

The article though deals mostly with how the president spent his Christmas break: reading. On his list were Imperial Grunts (a book on my list as well, actually) and When Trumpets Call. Another article went into some detail analyzing the president's iPod playlist.

George W Bush is a fan of country music and classic rock, but he also likes "a little bit of hard core and honky tonk", his iPod playlist suggests.

His 250 songs include country greats George Jones and Alan Jackson, but also My Sharona by the Knack.

Mr Bush has an aide download music for him and listens to it while mountain biking, the New York Times reported.

Rolling Stone journalist Joe Levy called the playlist "feel-good music. The Sex Pistols it's not."

"It's safe, it's reliable, it's loving," Mr Levy said.

"One thing that's interesting is that the president likes artists who don't like him," he added.

That group includes former Credence Clearwater Revival singer John Fogerty, whose baseball anthem Centerfield is on the iPod.

I do think it's interesting that the president does listen to artists who not only disagree with him, but perhaps dislike him intensely. That is often something many of us on the right struggle with. Do we patronize the liberal blowhard artists? For me I think it's depends on several things: how vocal are they, and do they speak intelligently or just slander the president. I admit I struggle when it comes to seeing a Johnny Depp or Sean Penn movie or purchasing a CD by Dave Matthews or Green Day. Quite often my desire for the music or movie wins out, but at least I thought about it. That the president can get past artists differing political views I think speaks volumes and perhaps disproves that meme from last week that the president lives in a bubble.