Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Military 1, Law Schools 0

Law schools take a shot to the groin as Supreme Court allows military recruiters on campus.

WASHINGTON -- Supreme Court justices signaled today that they will give the military the right to recruit on college campuses and at law schools, despite its policy of excluding openly gay people from its ranks.

The justices gave a thoroughly skeptical hearing to the claim of some liberal law faculties that they have a free-speech right to exclude military recruiters, a claim that was upheld by a lower court.

U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement urged the justices to reverse that ruling and to uphold a measure passed by Congress that says colleges and universities that take federal funds must give the military the same right to recruit on campuses as other employers.

This law "allows the military a fair shot at recruiting the best and the brightest," Clement said. However, law schools and their faculties "remain to criticize the military and its policies," he added.

To the surprise of some justices, Clement said it would be legal for law professors to protest the arrival of military recruiters and to "jeer" them.

"Army recruiters are not worried about being confronted by speech," Clement said. All they want is an equal opportunity to meet with interested students, he said.

Omigod! A court ruling that makes sense! It's very simple; if the college takes federal funds, it has to allow recruiters. Wow, that's the gist summed up in eleven words.

I like the bit at the end that the recruiters aren't worried about being confronted by speech. No shit. How many have actually been in combat? And you think a pimply faced frat boy or a law school professor wearing a bow tie and a pocket protector are going to make them shake in their expertly polished boots?