Friday, January 20, 2006

Camraderie of the wrongly ticketed accused

If you want to be with the most angry bunch of innocent people, just go to your local traffic court. I was there bright and early this morning to contest the ticket I got back in December. Chatting with the people in the looooooong line as we waited for an hour in the freezing (yes it was freezing. I had ice on my car when I left this morning) all were friendly, talkative, and full of angst at being so wrongly accused. Oh and it's the best place to get tips on beating your ticket. Everyone's got the surefire way to get out of it.

The easiest is when you set a court date, and hope the cop deosn't show. That's automatically thrown out. One guy in line said get a bail extension, and when you eventually go back to plead not guilty, set your court date, and as it gets closer reschedule in the hopes that the reschedule throws off the cop's ability to come to court that day. My boss recommended (and said he himself had success getting the exact same ticket thrown out by the judge) coming prepared with diagram and photo packets to prove your case. And of course my lawyer (aka best friend and best man) says continually maintain the light was green when I entered the intersection.

So I got the extension, and I'll have to go back and plead not guilty to get a court date.

Anyone got any other suggestions?