Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Are the Iraqi insurgents losing their popularity with Sunni Muslims?

Perhaps. They just killed a local Sunni leader, maybe in an effort to scare Sunni's into supporting the insurgency.

(CBS/AP) Gunmen assassinated a Sunni community leader Tuesday in the former extremist stronghold of Fallujah, part of an insurgent campaign to stop Sunni Arabs from joining the U.S.-backed political process.

[...] Sheik Kamal Nazal, a Sunni preacher and chairman of the Fallujah city council, was gunned down in a hail of bullets from two passing cars as he walked to work, police Chief Brig. Hudairi al-Janabi said.

No group claimed responsibility for the killing, which occurred in one of the most tightly controlled cities in Iraq. However, it appeared part of a campaign of intimidation by Sunni insurgents against Sunni Arabs interested in promoting a political settlement to stem the violence.

[...] U.S. officials have been working hard to encourage Sunni Arabs to abandon the insurgency, and have been urging Shiite and Kurdish leaders to give major government posts to the disaffected minority.

Changing the hearts and minds of a people not used to all these news freedoms afforded to them takes time, but they're beginning to realize the future holds wonderous things for them in a free society. The terrorists are realizing this too and trying to discourage them by resorting to their standard response: violence.

The article also mentions 52 terrorists arrested, one attack prevented, and one terrorist training camp shut down. I wonder if they used any wiretaps to get the intel for the missions involved in those arrests, the prevented attack, and the discovery of and raid of the training camp?