Thursday, February 16, 2006

Texas authorities close the case on the Cheney hunting accident

Thank God. I'm sure this will clear everything right up.

In Texas, the Kenedy County Sheriff's Department issued a report supporting Cheney's account of the accident that occurred on a sprawling private ranch. Deputies visited the scene, got written affidavits from at least four other members of the hunting party and interviewed Cheney and Whittington, the report said.

Whittington "explained foremost there was no alcohol during the hunt and everyone was wearing the proper hunting attire of blaze orange," reported Chief Deputy Gilberto San Miguel Jr.

Cheney spoke to a deputy Sunday morning at the ranch, and Whittington was questioned from his hospital bed Monday, the report said.

The sheriff's report said Whittington declined the deputies' request to record the interview because he said his voice was raspy. Before a nurse asked the officers to "hurry up so Mr. Whittington could rest," he repeatedly insisted the shooting "was just an accident" and expressed concern that all the media attention would give hunting in Texas a bad image, the report said.

This of course doesn't mean the "being shot by Dick Cheney" jokes will stop. Those will continue for years. It's become American lore. And that's fine, just as long as White House Press Corps are notified the instant the VP coughs, sneezes, or has to pee. Quick, make sure the secret service, as well as Lynn and Dick have David Gregory's cell phone on speed dial so that he doesn't miss a fascinating bodily function.