Thursday, March 16, 2006

Seton Hall and Boston College are conspiring to give me high blood pressure

As I type this Seton Hall has already lost by 20 leaving a gaping hole in my bracket. And now Boston College is is going into overtime with Pacific.

BC you're in the final four. Don't mess with me here.

UPDATE @12:10pm: BC double OT?! Are you kidding me?

UPDATE 2 @1:05pm: Thank God! BC pulls it out in the 2nd OT and wins by 12! Whew! That was a close call.

UPDATE 3 @2:25pm: Tennessee in a squeaker. Man they got lucky, but they do prove my original statement that they're overrated. I had the losing next round to Seton Hall. Since that's not gonna happen, let's root root root for Witchita St.

UPDATE 4 @2:57pm: Marquette and Nevada out. That hurts.

UPDATE 5 @4:09pm: UCLA after scaring me early have opened up a double digit lead at half. I don't expect them to go further than the Sweet 16, but I still need them to win in the 1st round.

UPDATE 6 @4:24pm: The next big upset game I picked is starting, Iona and LSU. Iona's leading, but it's still reeeeeeaaal early.