Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy week 8 round up

Well, I suppose I couldn't go undefeated all year. At least I put up a fight, because RFTR poured it on... Thanks to GOP and College for the summary this week.

RFTR - 6
Wookies Will Win - 5 (1 tie)
RFTR! The GIANT KILLER! And if any of you remember from HWC Football, this signaled a very bad turn for the worse for then top ranked RFTR. Talk about a trophy week for RFTR!
Game MVP: Jason Bay - Batting .500 with 7 Home runs (in one week), 11 Runs Scored, 15 RBI's, a stolen Base, and only 5 fans. As if you expected anyone else?
Game Wash-Out: Matt Clement - 2 starts, 7.2 Innings pitched, 14 Earned Runs for an ERA of 16.62 and a WHIP of 3.0

I don't even think that does RFTR's stats justice. His team scored 41 runs (mine scored 38), hit 19 HR's (10 for me), and 60 flippin' RBI's (to my 25). The next best RBI total in the league was 35! I think Jason Bay's stats ought to be thrown out because he's obviously Barry's Balco buddy... I kept it close taking the little categories... SB's, fewest strikeout, and batting average. And then of course my vaunted pitching staff got slaughtered; I managed to take only the most K's and Holds. It wasn't pretty, but I was fortunate to get the 5 that I did, because most of the week I wasn't winning in more than 2 categories...

In my family league, I fared much better, partly because Bay is on my team in that league. Of course it might have helped if I'd taken him off the bench for more than 2 games, but oh well. I still won thanks mostly to Manny Ramirez' 4 HRs, 10 RBIs, and .476 average. That helped me take 7 of 10 categories.

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