Thursday, November 09, 2006

So who's going to run the House Committees for the Democrats?

Yesterday I mentioned Conyers taking control of the Judiciary Committee and Rangel over at Ways & Means and what that moght entail. But those aren't the only committees in the House.

Here's an indispensible article by Patrick Poole, cited by Dennis today, that gives you a little more background into the likely new House Committee Chairs. You have to read the whole thing, but I'll give you some of the highlights.

Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence – Alcee Hastings (FL-23)
Pelosi is likely to pick her friend Hastings over ranking current Democrat on the committee, Jane Harman. Hastings was one of six federal judges in American history impeached when she was caught taking a $150,000 bribe in exchange for a lenient exchange. Oh and Harman's been taking flak from her own party for being too pro-Israel.

Committee on Appropriations – David Obey (WI-7)
Obey has openly vowed to battle our country's biggest national security threat, global warming and would love make individual contributions to a political candidate a federal crime.

Committee on Armed Services – Ike Skelton (MO-4)
Skelton is mentioned as one of the "more sensible" Democrats in Congress, but has lately fallen into the John Kerry approach to the war in Iraq. He was for the war before he was against the war. Or is it the other way around? I can never keep track. Skelton's also been hanging around with and approving of Murtha's cut and run Iraq policy.

Committee on the Budget – John Spratt (SC-5)
The National Taxpayer's Union gave Spratt an "F" grade last year as one of the biggest spenders in Congress. However, he will be up for re-election in '08 in a district that voted overwhelmingly for Bush in '04, so he might try to bump that "F" up to a "C" to appeal to his constituents.

Committee on Energy and Commerce – John Dingell (MI-15)
Currently the longest serving member in the House, he's also had a longstanding plan to nationalize America's healthcare.

Committee on Financial Services – Barney Frank (MA-4)
Frank is infamous for being censured when it was discovered his boyfriend was running a male prostitution ring out of Frank's home. He was also one of only 3 representatives to vote against the Fallen Heroes Act that prohibited protests in national cemeteries during soldiers' funerals.

Committee on International Relations – Tom Lantos (CA-12)
Openly pro-Israel, but also a member of faaaaaar-left group Progressive Caucus, founded by socialist Bernie Sanders and currently headed by Dennis Kucinich.

Please go read the rest of Patrick Poole's article for all the links on each of the above Congressmen and women.

In fact email it to all your friends.

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