Monday, January 29, 2007

Palestine calls for ceasefire with itself

I wonder if they had to bring Jimmy Carter in the broker this deal...

Gaza City, Jan 30, 2007 (AFP) – The Palestinian ruling party Hamas and its rivals Fatah late Monday called a joint ceasefire after four days of vicious factional fighting left 33 people dead, the territories’ foreign minister said.

[…] The ceasefire statement also called for militants loyal to both parties to release hostages they have taken from each side over recent days. [Minister Mahmud] Zahar added that Haniay and Abbas would meet soon to relaunch a dialogue.

The call came after the worst violence since Hamas won a landslide election a year ago. The unrest torpedoed on and off talks to broker power-sharing agreement and sparked Arab diplomatic efforts to appease the disturbances.

Where else is 4 days of fighting, taking hostages, and 33 dead just another week of poltics as usual? And people wonder why this Palestinian blogger has just about given up, resorting to approving of Israeli military intervention.

Israel poising to respond on Eilat attack, it could be by the aerial bombardment and artillery, or perhaps they will try to assassinate Palestinian resistance leaders, what a ironically, we really want that to happen quickly, it might be the only solution to stop the bloody fighting between brothers in the Gaza Strip.

“They said that the shedding of Palestinian blood is a red line, which has happened to them, the Red waldem become everywhere in the streets, hospitals and houses of Gaza, what remains of taboos that they talked about!

[...] It's defective to reach such thinking, to call Israel to stop this shameful chapter in the chapters of the Palestinian case, if there is case still after all that has already happened and is happening.

So Israel, be merciful and stop the killing! Just go in a bomb the hell out of Gaza. It's the only solution.

They said it... not me...

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