Thursday, October 14, 2004

Tora Bora

Kerry's "We outsourced Tora Bora" comments really chap my hide. First of all Tora Bora is a mountainous area at high altitude, what does he expect us to to drop an armored division in there? On top of that Afghanistan is a land locked country, 500 plus miles from the ocean, flying in a full battalion (we can't just march them through Iran), is totally unrealistic. So inserting an small elite force and (being diplomatic all of a sudden is a bad thing) enlisting the help of local warriors is the best option. Lastly there's no proof that Osama was even there, let alone alive. If Kerry's got specific info, maybe we should parachute him into Tora Bora with his trusty m-16, and let him do some hunting. For a couple excellent military perspectives on what went down in Tora Bora try Dumb Celebs and Lt. Smash.