Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Egypt promises to keep weapon smuggling into Palestinian territory to a minimum

I haven't posted on it yet, but we've all been watching the images of Israeli settlers being forcibly removed from Gaza. I don't think anything good is going to come of abandonning the territory. I don't think giving in to the demands of terrorists (or those who support terrorists) will yield anything but more demands, Hamas has already said they plan to use the territory as a training ground for terrorists, and now we can only hope Egypt keeps its word on this:

JERUSALEM (AP)-[off the wire, no link]-Israel and Egypt have sorted out the last details of an agreement on Egyptian supervision of the border with Gaza, a key element of Israel's pullout that is ending its 38-year occupation of the territory, Israel Radio and the Haaretz newspaper reported Tuesday.

The paper, citing unidentified defense sources, said the 750-member Egyptian border police will be equipped with armored personnel carriers, light arms, and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

Egypt also will deploy naval patrol boats off the Gaza coast, it said.

Israel Radio said the last hurdle was overcome when Egypt pledged it would not provide weapons to the Palestinian Authority after Israel leaves the frontier.

An Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman said he had no new information on the accord.

Haaretz said there were no issues left outstanding, and the agreement will be signed by senior military officers once it is approved by Israel's government and parliament.

Israel has been concerned that weapons and explosives will be smuggled across the border from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula into Gaza town, and once its troops leave as part of the Gaza evacuation.

Israel completed the evacuation of all 21 civilian settlements in Gaza Monday.

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All that I could muster as I watched Israeli citizens being dragged away from their homes by Israeli police were feelings of great sadness. I really don't care what the deal was. It won't be worth it.