Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bizarre Google search for the day.

Taking a page out of the LlamaButcher's playbook I thought I'd share this with you (I was actually going to do it before I saw the Llama's post... I swear).

I actually really enjoying seeing how people were referred to my humble little blog. I've gotten a lot of hits from the Tookie execution starting back in November, but I don't know what's scarier, the grammar for this, that the search was done by some guy in Texas, or that I'm #1 for the Google search "show me how kill Tookie"

Newsflash: He's already dead. State of California took care of that for you. In fact the funeral is today, so I can't really show you how to kill Tookie. But the viewing at least sounds like a good time was had by all.

(LATimes) The public viewing of his body attracted a sometimes rowdy crowd that spilled into the street, backing up traffic. Marijuana smoke wafted through the air as sport utility vehicles with 20-inch rims cruised past, rap music blaring at full volume.

Adding tension to the activities in Williams' old Crips neighborhood, members of traditional rival Blood gangs took their place in line under the watchful eye of Los Angeles police officers across the street.

When elementary schoolteacher Macella Hibbler, 34, heard that Williams' body was on public view, she threw sweaters on her three young children and hurried to the mortuary to see the man whose life story had saturated the news media only a week ago.

"My only thought has been this: How can I get my children to understand, I mean really understand, why we're here?" she said. "I'm telling them, 'Watch the road you take and make wise decisions. That way you won't wind up in a coffin.'"

Here's a link to some pics from the viewing yesterday. Because nothing says goodbye to a cold-blooded murderer executed by the state like a pimped out ride doin' some mad bumpin' G...