Friday, December 16, 2005

Media round up of Iraqi elections

In my previous post I gave a brief look at how 37 US papers prioritized the Iraqi elections. Overall I'd give the US papers a "B" maybe a "B-" with failing grades to USA Today, Houston Chronicle, Honolulu Advertiser, Boston Globe, Anchorage Daily News, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Sacramento Bee, and New Orlean Times-Picayune. Yeah I think definitely a generous "B-" overall grade for US papers.

Surprising good marks went to the LA Times, SF Chronicle, Seattle Times, and Star Tribune.

Now let's take a look at the International Newspapers. Look for updates...

UPDATE 1: Britain... not sure where a lot of these fold so I'll try to make do
Daily Telegraph - Largest headline above the fold, "Day the ballot beat the bombers". Excellent!
The Guardian - 2nd largest headline above the fold, "Snipers and sandbags - Iraq votes". Bullshit. Right there underneath the big marijuana leaf. Perfect.
The Herald - One of three below the fold, "Iraqis flock to polls". More important stories are about soccer (sorry, football), drinking, divorce, and costs for G8 to stay at Gleneagles. Whatever.
Irish Independent - Smallest story on the front page (below the fold), "Iraqis flock to the polls". At least there's something on the front page, but the opening paragraph is crap, "Iraqis voted in unprecedented numbers yesterday in an act of hope that the country could overcome oppression by Saddam, invasion by America, and more than two years of murderous insurgency." Really.

UPDATE 2: France. I do speak French, so this won't just be a guess.
Le Monde - Nothing, nada, rien. I wasn't expecting much of course...

UPDATE 3: Some of the rest of Europe. Don't speak any other languages so a lot of this is going to looking for keywords in the headlines and pictures...
Portugal: Nothing and Nothing.
Spain: El Mundo's got a small headline at the bottom of the front page with "Irak" in the title. In the other two, nada and nada.
Italy: Rome has the story. So does Milan and Venice. But that's it.

The only paper in Canada carrying the story frontpage in the Vancouver Sun.
And only one in Mexico/Central America.
And as far as the rest of Europe, I gave the pages a quick peruse and didn't see anything other than the ones I mentioned above.

And between the 6 Australian and New Zealand paper I coul find front pages for, only the New Zealand Herald carried a small picture on the front page.

UPDATE 6: Asian papers...
This is totally just looking for pictures. Out of the 18 I found, only a Tokyo paper carried a picture.