Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Even atheists dig Christmas

Jason Coleman throws his 2 cents in on the "Christmas" vs. "holiday" vs. "chrismahanakwnzica" debate. Sure he's talking to himself, but himself makes a really good point...

ME: It's simple really, you see, "Christmas Tree" means a tree you put up for Christmas, which is a day. That day happens to be December 25th, and to some people, that's an important religious date, and to others, it's a day off from work and a good opportunity to hang out with family you normally avoid, BUT the term "Holiday Tree" means alot more, and what it means is offensive to me.

**At this point I have to be very careful, because there's a real danger of the questioner's head exploding at this point.**

ME: You see the word "Holiday" means "Holy Day" and I'm atheist. I can't support a "Holy Day Tree" or a "Holy Day Anything" because I don't believe in the concept of "Holy".

It's like a breath of fresh in the political correctness sewer the ACLU has dragged us into.