Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iraq vote going smoothly

I read this article and got goosebumps. There isn't much more that could happen that could make me happier for the Iraqis than this.

RUSAFA, Iraq, Dec. 15, 2005 – "All the time and money you have spent training the Iraqi army, you harvest it today," Iraqi Army Maj. Gen. Mobdir Hatim Hothya al-Delemy told 3rd Infantry Division Commander Army Maj. Gen. William Webster following a tour of polling places today.

Initial indications in and around Baghdad were that more Iraqis were voting than during the constitutional referendum, and the level of violence appeared to be low, officials said.

Army Col. Joseph P. Di Salvo, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade Combat Team, said more Iraqis were going to their polling places early. He conducted an early morning tour of the southern end of his area of responsibility, and 50 to 100 Iraqis already were in line when the polls opened at 7 a.m., he said.

Di Salvo said he noticed more women voters compared to earlier experiences. Iraqi Brig. Gen. Jasim Hamed Jhibr, commander of the 3rd Public Order Brigade, said the cooperation among his unit, local police and Iraqi army units gave people a better sense of security and may have contributed to the increased turnout of women.

Webster said the Iraqis understand the importance of the election. "The Iraqis are a tough people, and they are determined to have their voice in this election," he said.

Webster said the feeling on the streets was one of celebration. Iraqi families made the voting process a family affair, with young children accompanying their parents to the polls.

"Would they bring the family if they felt threatened?" asked Brig. Gen. Jawad Romi Aldaini, commander of the 6th Division's 2nd Brigade.

This is a signal of the ultimate failure of the islamofascists. Even Sunnis who had boycotted the last election are at the polls in droves. That's how democracy works, each person has a voice and a vote. Look at the satisfied, defiant, and determined faces of the Iraqis above and tell me we're not doing a good thing by helping these people...

Oh but don't forget the Kerry/Murtha fictitious mantra that 80% of Iraqis don't want us there...

Yeah... right...

UPDATE: Iraq the Model has probably the best coverage of the election going and he's updating frequently, so check it out and refresh often. My personal favorite was a piece on this 105 year old man voting.

Muhaisin Bidairy Abdullah who was born in 1900 and I think he is the oldest amongst the voters came leaning on his grandsons and could hardly breathe with tears visible in his eyes…maybe because he won’t be able to attend the next elections.

Asla Hussein a 70 year old woman, who has 5 members of her family executed by Saddam, said we want the remaining members of our family to live in peace.

The encouraging thing I noticed was that security forces treated the voters well and didn’t interfere with the voting process.

Truly inspirational.