Monday, January 09, 2006

Alito confirmation hearing begins and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

I was just listening to Dennis Prager's show, and he was discussing the Alito confirmation hearings that began today, describing it as a "One way boxing match" of verbal attacks by Democrats to which the judge is supposed to say, "Thank you Senator." And I of course could not help but complete the sentence "... may I have another!"

Is it just me, or am I retarded...

UPDATE: If you're interested in the play-by-play from the hearings, Captain's Quarters has a great post as he was part of the RNC blogger forum. My favorite was Kennedy's senselessness (again):

12:38 - Kennedy takes the microphone. He starts off by applauding Alito's life story. "Will a nominee uphold ... equal justice under the law?" Again with O'Connor; "even one justice can advance or reverse the progress of our journey." Alito's record "troubles me deeply"; Alito's support for an "all-powerful presidency" is "deeply troubling". Kennedy continues to proclaim (erroneously) that the President spies on "American citizens". He not only misstates the crime, he misstates the purported victims.

12:44 - "In an era when more people are losing their jobs..." What? Has he not gotten the employment stats in the last three years or so? Does Kennedy even pay attention to hard data any longer?

Apparently not, because it was only back on Friday that the employment figures came out. He must have gotten absolutely raging drunk (again) and completely lost all recollection of that day (again). Just pass the Senator another bottle of whiskey and ignore the snoring.