Friday, January 06, 2006

Talk about scum of the earth...

What kind of low life steals the identity of a man dying of cancer?

It wasn’t an accident. It was identity theft, committed against a man who was already at his weakest and most vulnerable. As Eric’s life seemed to be slipping away — someone somewhere out there was stealing what little he had left.... and by then had rung up more than $10,000 in fraudulent charges.

And he's further aggrevated by the police, FBI, and FTC. None of them would investigate his puny $10,000 case. So he did what any man dying of cancer would do... fought back on his own. He got a little help from a local news guy too (good deed by a reporter counts quadruple in heaven, so I'm told). So who was stealing his identity?

Richard Gibson, a 42-year-old father of three was a lab technician who tested Eric’s blood at the hospital.

Mankiewicz: Did that name, Richard Gibson, mean anything to you?

Drew: Well, the Gibson name sure did.
The house Eric had visited two months prior, camera in hand and chemo in back pack. The people there were named Gibson. He had been on the right track... only someone had listened.

The lab tech! The guy drawing his blood! A care worker in the hospital! And on top of that his chemo to this point hasn't worked. Hopefully they take this scum and give him paper cuts every day with the credit card bills of fraudulent charges... and maybe some lemon juice too.

God bless you Eric and stay strong. And good work.