Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alito confirmations, Day 2

Captain Ed is live blogging again (here's my post yesterday), and he's got the full round up. My favorite bit came not from the hearings (although at the gym, I did catch some of Specter's blabbing. My favorite bit was when the chart he was referring to nearly fell on his head. A little comic relief), but from a session the forum had with Bill Frist. They got to do a bit of Q&A with Sen. Frist and they asked him about the NSA wiretaps.

10:28 - Senator Frist confirms for me that no one who got briefed on the NSA intercept has, to his knowledge demanded an end to this program. He confirmed that he was one of the leaders briefed on the program over the years. When I asked him if the program had stopped attacks on this country, he immediately and unequivocally said, "Yes." [emphasis his]

Getting to blog with the Senator. What an opportunity. Keep up the good work Capt. Ed et al.