Friday, January 20, 2006

Miss America is getting a makeover

Because we bring you the news that matters...

(hey... if the Llama's can put Melissa Theuriau on their "masthead", I can blog about Miss Ameria...)

This weekend, we'll see two new Miss Americas. One will be the winner. And the other will be the pageant itself. Facing waning interest, the event is getting a makeover. Here's how it will
be different:

· Held in Las Vegas
· Broadcast Jan. 21 on CMT
· End of quiz show
· End of casual wear competition
· Miss Congeniality elected again
· Reduced scholarship money

How about Miss California? Think she's got a chance? Apparently she's quite the musician (her family is the next coming of the Von Trapp/Partridge family) and she likes sailing.

Go California!