Thursday, January 05, 2006

No pardon for you!

Happened to come across this article on the new LexisNexis News site.

President George Bush is setting a new record as the least forgiving American leader .

He has dished out the lowest number of pardons for 60 years.

Bush has signed just 69 pardons during nearly five years in office.

That compares to 77 by his father, George Bush Senior, who served four years as President and 1913 by Harry Truman over nearly eight years.

In President Bill Clinton's eight years in office, he pardoned and commuted the sentences of 456 people and in four years in the White House, Jimmy Carter granted clemency to 566 people

That's an incredibly small number for Dubya, and rather large numbers for Clinton during his 8 years. But Jimmy Carter takes the friggin' cake here. Good God, did he just open the doors to the prisons and let everybody out? Good thing he didn't get re-elected.

Based on this and other recent info that Bush is conducting secret (well used to be secret) wiretaps on suspected terrorist contacts, monitoring radiation levels at certain mosques, top secret (well used to be top secret) security programs like GST, doing everything in his power to detain and prosecute terrorists, and not pardoning criminals you've got to believe that Bush has taken the nation's security extremely seriously. Is it any wonder there's not been another terrorist attack since 9/11?