Friday, February 24, 2006

American Idol

I'd really like to exonerate myself here and blame my fascination with American Idol this season on the fetching Mrs. Wookie, or perhaps the other CoD, but I can't. Usually I just like watching the first few episodes to see the stupid and outrageous things people do when initially trying out. But this season, I actually started to like some of the people on the show. That was my downfall.

I think everyone liked the Wyoming cowboy from a city population 4, who'd never sung for people before, never been on a plane before, and never seen the ocean before. Unfortunately he got voted off a round or two ago.

But for those still on the show, my favs are Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtry. Chris has a great rock voice and Taylor has a fabulously unique voice, a combo Ray Charles, Marc Cohn, and Joe Cocker. Crazy good stuff.

And the girls this year, most of them must have supermodel gigs for their day jobs. Especially Becky. Too bad her hotness didn't translate into making it to the next round. Of course, it came out the other day that she and her twin sister posed for Maxim a while back and even did an episode of Fear Factor. Still, she is superhot. Too bad she's gone. If they vote off Taylor, I will boycott the show. Keep that in mind America or feel the wrath of my puny little blog!