Friday, February 17, 2006

Iraq sets up inquiry to look into Shitte Death Squad


The decision [to form an inquiry] was prompted by revelations made by US Major General Joseph Peterson, who oversees the training of Iraqi police. Peterson said that US forces stopped 22 Iraqis in a northern district of the capital wearing highway patrol uniforms as they were leading away a Sunni man to be executed.

US military spokesman Major General Rick said the four ringleaders in the group, which posed as special police commandos, are now in US custody at Abu Ghraib prison. The 18 others, along with the Sunni man, who is accused of murder, are in an Iraqi jail.

And soon to be released by the inquiry are photos from abu Ghraib of the accused naked, holding hands, and being forced to try to catch pigs in a muddy pen while dodging rubber bullets.

On a more accurate note, it demonstrates that the new Iraqi government is willing to self-govern and self-police. There are many such groups like the one mentioned above in Iraq, and there's the chance that some may work in the Iraqi police or for the Interior Ministry. They're looking to root them out and shame them by piling them up naked and photographing them with squealing little pigs.