Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Many Danish Muslims proud to be Danish

They are disgusted by the violence and support Danish values.

Many moderate Muslims in Denmark have been shocked by the violence and deaths around the world prompted by the row over Danish cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.

Rabih Azad-Ahmad, chair of the Multicultural Association, said the row had become too confrontational.

"Now, we have to demonstrate that we are proud of being Danish and that we are supporting Danish values," he said.

[...] "I didn't know there were so many Muslims in Denmark who are supporting Western values," said Soren Espersen, an MP for the populist Danish People's Party.

Good for those Muslims for making their opinions known. They're doing more to combat whatever generalizations were made by the cartoons than the Muslims rioting. Those who are rioting are just propogating the cartoons' sentiments. Like this guy...

However, some of the strongest protests against the cartoons have come from imams who are part of the government's integration think tank.

"We want the newspaper to promise that this will never happen again, or this will never stop," said imam Ahmad Akkari of the Islamic Faith Society.

There's logic for you. We want to be integrated, so we'll riot until we get it. And don't even think about another cartoon that ever so gently mocks us... They may get integrated, but that position won't get them any respect.