Monday, February 27, 2006

The Pro-Victory Party

Is a new political party on the rise? I think this could catch on... (via Army Lawyer)

Thus my new ideology is that of winning. I'm not conservative or liberal or liberatarian or Green or Republican or Democrat. I'm pro-victory. Once, my vote would have gone to a Republican 99.999% of the time. Today my votes will go to the candidates who prove themselves as committed to fighting this fight to the end, even if it takes years, decades, or centuries.

I hate cowardice more than I hate high taxes. I despise weakness more than I despise abortion. I'm more intolerant of lack of resolve than I am of campaign finance reform. And all I see out of this new anti-war movement is weakness, cowardice, and gutlessness.

Strength through superior firepower would be a great campaign platform.