Thursday, February 02, 2006

This is a horrific development

But hopefully it clarifies the nature of the enemy we face. They have no decency, no honor, no respect for human life.

BAGHDAD, Feb 2 (Reuters) - Police discovered 14 bodies showing signs of torture in Baghdad on Thursday, an Interior Ministry source said.

The corpses were blindfolded, with hands tied behind their backs, he said.

Some of the victims had been beheaded or repeatedly stabbed, said the source.

Many bodies showing signs of abuse have been found in Iraq in recent months as sectarian tensions have risen against the backdrop of a Sunni Arab insurgency that has killed thousands of people.

This is the enemy we fight. They torture and kill innocent people for the mostpart, in the hope that our respect for human rights and compassion for humanity in general will outweigh our resolve to continue the fight.

God bless the families of those who died. Our prayers are with you.