Thursday, March 16, 2006

Condoleezza Rice not happy with Iran and China

Speaking in Australia, Condi had some harsh words for both Iran and China.

Condoleezza Rice on Thursday raised the diplomatic temperature over the nuclear stand-off with Iran, accusing the country of lying about its activities and again calling it a “central banker to terrorism”.

[...] Ms Rice described Iran as a “troubled state” where an “unelected few repress the desires of its population”.

As we were discussing yesterday, she seems to have her finger on the pulse of the Iranian people with those statements. There are more and more reports coming out to that effect; let's hope they're not ploys for more time and don't dissuade us from swift action if we are put in that position. As for China...

[...] She also underscored America’s concerns about the rapid development of China, urging Beijing to open up its economy and be “transparent” about the reasons for its military build-up, and acknowledged that the US-China relationship faced some “difficult issues”.

Ms Rice said: “I heard that there is going to be a 14 per cent increase in the Chinese defence budget. That’s a lot. China should undertake to be transparent about what their military build-up means.”

Is that 14% going to their South American puppet commie pals? Dear God I hope not.