Monday, April 24, 2006

Fantasy Baseball roundup

For those who kinda dug the break from reality into the world of fantasy baseball from last week, Fmragtops has taken it upon himself to give us last week's results in a nutshell from the Hotwing Conspiracy League.

As for my team, I lead the matchup against Akhtar for most of the week, but let it slip to a tie on the final day... Dammit. I took 4 of 6 pitching categories, and he took 4 of 6 hitting categories, with 2 ties. And it was close...

At least I'm still close to the top of the standings overall...

Week 1: GOP and the College
Week 2: Cake or Death
Week 3: Fmragtops

But that's not my only team. In my family league I clobbered my cousin, 9 to 1. Our pitching stats were pretty close (I still took 4 of 5), but I won by a pretty good margin in each of the offensive categories (I took 5 of 5).

Better luck next time Matt.