Monday, April 24, 2006

Voter fraud 101: A commuter course from New Orleans

Our first class today, children, is thanks to New Orleans. Yep, that City of Chocolatey Goodness (how could we forget that white milk plus dark chocolate makes a yummy treat) has once again taken it upon themselves to require zero identification to vote and allows constituents to photocopy their ballots.

It's pure genius. And Jason Coleman is all over it, seeing as how he received an absentee ballot and he DOESN'T EVEN LIVE IN THE STATE.

But the real question here is how many times does Mickey Mouse get to vote before someone figures out that there's something fishy going on?

Anything that would positively establish identity is OPTIONAL INFORMATION. Yep, that's right, optional. I could easily fill out this form, get my ballot, send it in; and I haven't lived in New Orleans in over a decade. Furthermore, I can make as many copies of this form as I'd like:

Instructions (NOTE: You may copy this form for outher Louisiana Displaced Registered Voters.)
Given the track record of Louisiana Government in the past say, um . . . well . . . FOREVER, I don't have much confidence that the Sec State will be able to provide for a legitimate election given that anything that could be used to positively identify a voter as a legitimate voter is *Optional.

At least it explains how "Chocolate City" Ray "I'm stuck on stupid" Nagin got elected in the first place.