Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another key terrorist captured

Another one bites the dust...

Irish Examiner - Ahmed Hussein Dabash Samir al-Batawi was arrested by a terrorist combat unit on Monday in Baghdad, according to the prime minister’s office. “Al-Batawi is considered at the top of the terrorist list,” the statement said, adding he had “committed the ugliest crimes against innocent civilians especially in Hurriyah neighbourhood that witnessed many massacres.”

The government said he confessed under questioning that he beheaded hundreds of Iraqis in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.

100's of beheadings... So many they don't have a number. Seems to me that's a good guy to have arrested. Let's see if the media agrees... Well, as of 2:15pm pst there are 50 articles on his arrest, one through the Jawa Report (way to go Jawa!). But where's the MSM? Behind the curve and shackled by their own bias. As usual.

Oh and when someone tells you Iraq's a bloody hell-hole, don't be fooled. It's not. Gateway Pundit runs the numbers and come to some interesting conclusions... Casualties have continued to decrease steadily over the past three years, US casualties per month are lower than every other war other than the Revolutionary war, US casualties overall are the lowest of any US war, and the numbers suggest living in Washington DC, Detroit, or Baltimore is more dangerous than living in Iraq as those three US cities have more violent deaths per 100,000 residents than Iraq.

That's reporting for you. Too bad we can't expect the same from the MSM.