Friday, May 12, 2006

Will US National Guard be deployed to the border?

Apparently Bush is considering doing it as part of a immigration overhaul...

One defense official said military leaders believe the number of troops required could range from 3,500 to perhaps 10,000, depending on the final plan. Another administration official cautioned that the 10,000 figure was too high.

The officials insisted on anonymity since no decision has been announced.

The president was expected to reveal his plans in an address Monday at 8 p.m. EDT. It will be the first time he has used the Oval Office for a domestic policy speech — a gesture intended to underscore the importance he places on the divisive immigration issue.

I like the idea, and I think building a big wall might help too. The article questions the move based on cost of deployment and possible conflicts should the guard be needed for an overseas deployment, and those a fairly valid points. In the long run what's cheaper, building a wall to be monitored by border patrol and perhaps some national guard is necessary or stationing thousands of guardsmen there 24/7? We've been extensively using the national guard overseas, can we afford to take some of them from their active duties in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other future conflict to watch our border? Granted we're looking at some serious troop withdrawals from Iraq this year, but taking them from Iraq and putting them on the Mexican border is going to cost some moolah.

Oh, I've got an idea... BUILD A DAMN WALL. All other immigration reform is pointless if we've got a sieve for a border. I think national guard is only a quick fix; a good step in the right direction, but a wall will be permanent, and then the border patrol can more effectively monitor the area.