Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tax cuts extended through 2011

So if all else fails, hell freezes over, and (dear God, please no...) Hillary gets elected, we can at least hammer her when this comes up for renewal.

WaPo - House and Senate Republican negotiators reached a final agreement yesterday on a five-year, nearly $70 billion tax package that would extend President Bush's deep cuts to tax rates on dividends and capital gains, while sparing about 15 million middle-income Americans from the alternative minimum tax.

Republican leaders hope to pass the agreement swiftly. House consideration is scheduled for tonight, with the Senate likely to send the measure to the White House for the president's signature by the end of the week. But the package remains controversial, with GOP leaders saying it is essential to sustain a strong economic recovery and Democrats and a few Republicans saying the cuts would mainly benefit the wealthy and add to the long-term deficit.

So they got the tax cuts part right, now the GOP just needs to cut spending, balance the budget, secure the borders, and continue the GWOT.