Monday, June 26, 2006

10 year High School Reunion

Seems that most people have a love/hate relationship with high school. They either loved it or hated it. It doesn't matter who I talk to, high school either tortured them or else they basically ran the school... there just doesn't seem to be much in the way of a middle ground.

And this obviously carries over for many people to their reunions. If they felt tortured in high school, volunteering to go to a reunion and possibly be tortured all over again must seem like insanity. Or else they grew out of that awkward phase, made something of themselves, and are looking forward to going back and seeing what messes the popular kids made of their lives after high school.

I of course don't really fit any of these patterns (what can I say... I'm special). High school wasn't a ridiculing experience, but I wasn't the sooper-dooper school stud-muffin either. For me high school was fun, and honestly I think it was because of the people I hung around with. I went to an all-boys private school in LA, so for me school was a giant fraternity and my friends seemed to be just like me. We were athletic and played sports, took classes seriously (as serious as you can in high school) and got good grades, and still liked to go to some of the parties and have fun. Before and after school was dedicated to sports, and even during our lunch period we playing football, or ultimate frisbee, or something. Basically, high school was fun, with classes squeezed in between.

So when the letters started coming in the mail about our reunion, I was excited. I've kept in touch with maybe a half dozen people from high school, and surprisingly not the ones I hung out with the most. And they were the one's I was looking forward to catching up with. After all, it had been 8-10 years since I'd seen them.

The reunion itself was a blast (an open bar is always a good thing). Ours was actually on the campus itself, not at a local hotel, but hey if you've got a beautiful, 100 year old campus on 20 acres in the midddle of LA, you'd host every party under the sun there too. But to my disappointment, only a quarter of my class showed up. I had a blast; don't get me wrong. It's such a mind-trip having faces and names appear in front of you that you hadn't even thought about in 10 years. And the fetching Mrs. Wookie had a great time too. After being forced to walk the entire campus to check out all the new construction going on in high heels, she wasn't exaclty thrilled. But she quickly became the most popular lady there, as I introduced her around and mentioned that she was pregnant. She got picked up on a couple times as well (what can I say... she looked hot).

What a blast. I can't wait for the 15 year...