Friday, July 07, 2006

Another al Qaeda New York terror plot foiled

The target was the Holland tunnel.

Officials in America and Lebanon say that they have disrupted a plot by foreign terrorists to attack New York’s transport network.

FBI agents apparently uncovered planning to destroy vital transport links as they monitored internet chatrooms used by extremists in recent months. One of the alleged plotters, identified as Amir al-Andalousli, has been arrested in Lebanon at America’s request.

Lebanon a new partner in the war on terror? Since they revolted against Syria's tyrannical rule in favor of a Lebanese democracy, things have apparently been going very well for Lebanon.

The purpose of the plot undercovered by the FBI was to destroy the tunnel in an effort to flood New York's financial distract. Apparently the terrorists were inspired by the tragedy of Katrina and looked to duplicate it in New York. Of course how they were going to get water to flow uphill to affect lower Manhattan is still puzzling those of us with brains. Apparently the terrorists didn't think that part of the plan through well enough...

UPDATE @ 4:50pm: Hot Air reports the terrorists planned to attempt their uphill flooding of lower Manhattan on 9/11/06.