Thursday, July 13, 2006

Iran's role in Iraq and Gaza and Lebanon and Syria and....

Basically, it's all their fault according to Michael Ledeen...

For those who doubt the Iranian hand, remind yourself that Hezbollah is a wholly owned subsidiary of the mullahcracy (with Syria providing some supplies, and free run of the territory), and then read what Iraq the Model had to say yesterday, Wednesday:

Hizbollah is Iran's and Syria's partner in feeding instability in Iraq as there were evidence that this terror group has a role in equipping and training insurgents in Iraq and Hizbollah had more than once openly showed support for the “resistance” in Iraq and sponsored the meetings of Baathist and radical Islamist militants who are responsible for most of the violence in Iraq.
Notice, please, that he says Iran “sponsored the meetings of Baathist and radical Islamist militants...” He is talking Sunnis here, the same Sunnis who, according to CIA deep thinkers and scads of academic experts, cannot possibly work closely with Shiites like, ahem, the mullahs of Tehran. Iraq the Model isn’t burdened by this wisdom, and so he just reports what he sees on the ground in his own country.

Notice also that over the weekend there was a “security summit” in Tehran, involving all of Iraq’s neighbors, at which Iran’s moonbat President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made one of his trademark understatements about Israel. “The existence of this regime will bring nothing but suffering and misery for people in the region,” he mildly commented, and then said that the anger of the people might soon “lead to a vast explosion that will know no boundaries.”

Sounds to me like he knew something before the rest of us. As well he should, because Iran has been quite busy in Lebanon of late. The Lebanese Tourism Ministry’s Research Center announced an amazing statistic in early July: in the first six months of the year, 60,888 Iranian tourists visited Lebanon. No other Asian country came close (the Philippines ranked second, with a bit over 12,000). I don’t think that there’s enough disposable income in mullahland to cover the expenses of more than ten thousand people a month headed for the Beirut beaches. Do you think, as I do, that a goodly number of those “tourists” were up to no good? Maybe some of them were working for the Revolutionary Guards Corps? Or were Hezbollah operations people? I’ll bet you your favorite farm that one of them was the world’s most wanted man, Imad Mughniyah, the operations chieftain of Hizbollah, the world’s most lethal terrorist organization.

So Iran's "tourism" to Lebanon has increased to five times more than any other country in the world. That's interesting... Iran seems to have it's fingers in everything, but farming out the dirty work to their terrorist buddies so they can, in effect, keep their hands clean. When is the world going to take Iran, the mullahs, and wackypants Ahmadinejad seriously? When will we stand by Israel and help her defend herself instead of holding her back and forcing her into diplomatic shackles that only she will honor? Iran is fighting a war against us and we don't even know it, and, as Ledeen says later in his piece (make sure you read the whole thing), the scary part is they've convinced themselves they're winning. They believe we're politically paralyzed and incapable of enduring a prolonged conflict with significant casualties. They believe we are weak.

We must finish the GLOBAL war of terror.

Faster, please.