Thursday, July 20, 2006

Israel hints at full invasion

"All options are open." That about sums it up...

Israel has mainly limited itself to attacks from the air and sea, reluctant to send in ground troops on terrain dominated by Hezbollah.

But an Israeli army spokesman refused to rule out the possibility of a full-scale invasion. Israel broadcast warnings Wednesday into south Lebanon, telling civilians to leave, a possible prelude to a larger ground operation.

"There is a possibility; all our options are open. At the moment, it's a very limited, specific incursion but all options remain open," Capt. Jacob Dallal, an Israeli army spokesman, told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Also brought to light by the article is that Hezbollah fired 25 rockets into Israel and injured no one. That's either a lie, or Hezbollah terrorists are really bad shots.

40 US marines landed in Beruit to assist with US citizen evacuations, the first time US troops have been in Beruit in 22 years. The US citizens will be evacuated to the USS Nashville which will take them to Cyprus.

Also Israel missed Nasrallah since he was one al-Jazeera scoffing at the Israeli attacks. Keep talking.... they'll get you sooner or later...