Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy fantasy baseball fun

GOP and the City got it up quick this week....

The Galt-inators - 6
Wookies Will Win -3

Albert Pujols is to The Wookies as Coke is to Kate Moss. However, the Galtinators have Cliff Floyd and Carlos Beltrán who each hit a grand slam for the NY the same inning.
MVP - Chipper Jones 3B (5R - 3HR - 7RBI - .615BA)
Goat - Tim Hudson SP (3IP - 9H - 5ER)

What can I say, this loss was just pure bad luck. I was leading going into the final day, put up 8 RBIs, 1 HR, and 7 runs (all three were categories I was leading in the day before) and I ended up losing the runs and RBIs and tied in HRs. All thanks to the aforementioned grandslams... Oh well. Albert and Chipper put up a nice 1-2 punch for me, but it wasn't enough... And Chipper's on fire! 14 straight games with an extrabase hit which ties a 79 year old record. Smokin'!

Make sure you stop on by next week. I get to host the official recap for the league. Hopefully it will be after a big win... At least I'm still in 1st place...