Thursday, September 21, 2006

Attempted suicide bomber sentenced to death in Jordan

This woman was wired to explode like any other suicide bomber and is sentenced accordingly. Yet Mohammed Atta Moussaoui [ed. wrote Atta, but meant Moussaoui. Thanks to starfox5253 for the heads up] conspired with the 9/11 terrorists, helping kill 2,996 people, and we sentence him to life in prison.

Someone's going to have to explain that Moussaoui sentence to me...

Sajida al-Rishawi was found guilty of conspiracy to carry out terrorist acts causing death and destruction, and illegal possession of weapons and explosives.

A Jordanian military court sentenced to death an Iraqi woman who tried to carry out a suicide bombing and six other people on Thrusday for planning attadks which killed 60 people in Amman last year.

Allegedly her defense was that she never intended to detonate the bomb, that she was somehow forced into this role, but the CSI Jordan team was able to determine that the trigger mechanism on the bomb had been activated, but had jammed.

That's why she didn't splodey-dope.