Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fantasy sports recap...

So much to do so little time!

Baseball playoffs are upon us and this week is the Championship. But before we preview the championship game, let's take a look at GOP and College's take on my victory from last week.

Wookie Will Win - 8
bRight & Early - 1

bRight ran out of steam after "eating me" in a tie. This game was close in pitching, but not much else. Wookies dominated the hitting catagories, as usual, then sealed the game up with an average effort on the pitching side. Wookies as predicted are going to the Championship game with a full head of steam.
Game MVP: Rafael Furcal - 5 runs, 4 RBI's 3 homeruns and a stolen base. Talk about clutch.
Game Wash-Out: Craig Biggio - .067 batting average for the week, He was 1/15 batting the week, and that was a one run home run. He also fanned 4 times.

The offense was all me, thanks mostly to a quick start last Monday from my cornerstone guys Pujols and Delgado. But I've got to give my pitching staff a hand... They battled to overcome to horrible starts, one from Smoltz who only went 2 innings and gave up 5 runs and Marquis who got shelled as well. Strong showings from Woody Williams and AJ Burnett brought that sky high ERA back down to a very respectable 3.50, which was enough to win the ERA category.

That puts me in the title game against fmragtops. Should be a good matchup and as of right now, fm's jumped out to an early lead. Looks like I'll have to make a comeback to win the cup. As the regular season champ I'm favored to win but, someone forgot to tell fm that...

That brings us to fantasy football and I once again managed to snare victory from the jaws of defeat.

Gridiron Wookies - 60
Mr Wolf Cleaning Svc - 51

Call John butter, because he is on a ROLL. This game came down to who's players performed the best. Wookies had one goose egg, but with Wolf having 3 of them, it wasn't too hard to see who'd come out on top.
Game MVP: Jag's defense - 2 sacks and 2 picks in a shut-out win over the Steelers
Game Wash-Out: Tony Gonzalez - the number 2 TE last season only got seven yards versus the Broncos.

Another close game but another "W" in the win column for the Wookies! As much as I don't like Dallas or Drew Bledsoe, Big D came through for me big time. Bledsoe and the Dallas defense accounted for nearly half of my points, 26 out of my 60.

I do give the edge to Mr. Wolf for the best team tag line though... "I talk fast because I work fast. So pretty please with sugar on top, clean f'n the car."