Monday, September 11, 2006

Jeffrey M. Dingle, killed Sept. 11th, 2001

Project 2,996

Jeffrey M. Dingle, age 32.
Place killed: World Trade Center. Resident of New York, N.Y. (USA).

I didn't know anyone killed on September 11th, and I know that for whatever reason, that is a blessing that I am still grateful for. So while I don't have the personal connection with Jeffrey Dingle, that doesn't make his death any less tragic.

As I researched Jeffrey's life, I saw nothing but love and respect for the man in comments left for his family on bulletin boards around the internet. Jeff went to West Hempstead High School, and after graduation Jeff went to Villanova. He joined a fraternity, and according to commenters Jeff was a scholar and an athlete. He finished his education there in 1990. He was working on the 106th floor (of which building I'm not sure) for Encompys that Tuesday, a networking solutions company. His cousin has a memorial for Jeff at Van Courtland Park Golf Course in the Bronx. He was married and had two children.

Those are the nuts and bolts about Jeff, but it doesn't tell you about the kind of guy he was. But this anecdote was left on of the BBS memorial sites, and I think it's more illuminating about the type of person Jeff was.

I went to HS with Jeff and shared many classes and he helped me with many issues both scholastic and personal.

Jeff made my little league career. The only year I got a trophy was the year I played on the team with Jeff. He helped a kid that couldn't play baseball (.125 batting average) enjoy one moment in the sun. With 2 outs and me at the plate as the bats got packed Jeff had faith in me to get on base with the best pitcher on the mound. With tears in my eyes I swung when Jeff said so from behind the backstop... I remember the first two strikes brought a lump to my throat that was the size of TX. Jeff's look gave me the confidence to step back in the batter's box and swing away. I recall the moment like it happen yesterday, Steve DiMarco threw HEAT all I had to do was get a bat on it and we did. Jeff barked his order and the ball went sailing into left center field to the surpise of everyone including me. The bats were unpacked and the top of the order came up to save the game and secure our trophy. I still carry that trophy and tell the story of how the faith of one person can influnce you forever. As I conduct initial entry training in the US Army I am inspired to higher levels through Jeff's example...

I will always remember and never let others forget.

SFC Jimenez-Uribe
US Army Reserve

It sounds like the world lost a truly wonderful person in Jeffrey Dingle. The kind a person that made others around him better...

We will not forget...