Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fantasy Baseball Playoffs!

It was a mediocre performance last week, but it was enough to cement my spot in first place as well as a bye for the first round of the playoffs. GOP and College has the round up as well as a playoff preview.

Baghdad Bombers - 6
Wookies Will Win - 6

I cna't believe I tied this one. After the wookies had a 10-1-1 routing of The Man's Robots, I was sure that I was going to be slammed like a bad wrestler. But the Bombers pitching staff held their ground and took 5 of the 6 pitching stats, and offensive K's to tie the ball game up at 6. I am going into the playoffs in the 4th seed, but like I said more on that later
Game MVP: Albert Pujols - 3 Home Runs IN ONE GAME...nuff said.
Game Wash-Out: Chone Figgins - This boy's hit a huge slump. After being the Base Bandit, he hasn't taken a base in weeks and batted an aweful .048 with 6 K's.

If only my pitching staff hadn't gone into nuclear meltdown... My pitcher with the lowest ERA was Tim Hudson with a 6.75 ERA for the week. That's not gonna cut the mustard, so thank God I get a bye this week. Hopefully these guys figure out what the hell's wrong and get it back in gear. Fortunately the offense is still in pummel-the-crap-out-of-the-opponent mode...

So the final standings ended like this...

The Cardinals and I get the 1st round byes. I get the winner of the bRight & Early and Baghdad Bombers matchup, while the Cards get the winner of the fmragtops and Robots Eat Babies game.

Let's get it on!