Monday, October 30, 2006

The AP's latest pro-terrorist headline

All you've got to do is read the headline, "Militants blame U.S. for Pakistan strike" and then ask yourself why the hell do we care what militants terrorists think anyway?

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistani helicopter gunships on Monday destroyed a religious school the military said was fronting as an al-Qaida training camp, killing 80 people in the country's deadliest military operation targeting suspected terrorists.

Islamic leaders and al-Qaida-linked militants blamed the United States for the airstrike and called for nationwide demonstrations to condemn the attack that flattened the school — known as a madrassa — and ripped apart those inside. Furious villagers and religious leaders said the pre-dawn missile barrage killed innocent students and teachers.

U.S. and Pakistani military officials denied American involvement.

Among those killed in the attack in the remote northwestern village of Chingai, two miles from the Afghan border, was a cleric who had sheltered militants in the past and was believed associated with al-Qaida's No. 2 leader, Ayman al-Zawahri.

Oh, so the main story here according to the AP is that the terrorists are mad that we blew up one of their training camps. And nevermind that the madrassa's leaders were warned to stop using the school as a terrorist training camp and that the US wasn't involved in the attack.

A memo to the AP: a more sensible title might read something like "Pakistan destroys terrorist training camp killing 80 ruthless, bloodthirsty murderers cowardly hiding among innocent civilians."

Just a thought...

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