Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fantasy football rules!

But as much fun as fantasy football is, apparently it's better to be a real live football player... if you believe rumors about the millions of dollars in pay, fancy houses and cars, celebrity status, and Tony Romo dating Jessica Simpson...

Lucky bastard...

Anyway, GOP and College has the full recap.

Best Come From Behind
Gridiron Wookies - 74
Robots Eat Babies - 63

This game came down to the wire, but with Wookies only trailing by 2, and Steve Smith coming into MNF vs. the Bucs, it looked pretty grim for the Robots. Sure enough, Smith came through. With a stunning 149 yards and a TD, Smith put the game away for the Wookies.
MVP: Steve Smith - Heck of a game gives the win to the Wookies
Goat: Peyton Manning - Only 236 yards and one score vs. Buffalo? Were you hung over

Peyton should've had a couple shots of whiskey... hair of the dog and all...

Needless to say though, I'm giving the MVP to Romo for throwing 2 TDs, passing for over 300 yards, and landing a date with Jessica Simpson.

You my boy, Romo!