Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Iraq cracks down on terrorist imports from Iran and Syria

They closed the borders.

Maybe America has something to learn from Iraq...

Iraq is closing its borders with Iran and Syria as part of a security crackdown to attempt to rein in violence.

The new measures were announced by the Iraqi official in charge of the security plan, Lieutenant-General Abboud Qanbar.

"We have decided to close two Syrian and four Iranian border posts for 72 hours," he said.

"The Iranian border post of al-Sheeb will reopen partially after one week and fully after 60 days, other border posts will remain closed until further notice."

A government official said an announcement would be made when the frontiers had been closed.

Iraqis making and executing policies. That's a good sign. There is a lot of border to watch there though. Hopefully they can keep an eye on enough of it to keep Iranian and Syrian influences out of Iraq.

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