Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Democrats try to come up with a 50th way to run away from war in Iraq

Murtha's waving the white flag again, although maybe he thinks it's only slightly off-white as opposed to bleached white (a la scared sh*tless).

WASHINGTON - House Democrats have drafted new Iraq legislation they hope will appeal to Republicans fed up with the war: Start withdrawing troops in two months but leave it up to President Bush to decide when to complete the pullout.

[...] The House has passed similar anti-war measures in the past, but has been unable to push the legislation through the Senate, where Democrats hold a slimmer majority and Republicans have routinely blocked such bills from advancing.

Most recently, the House approved legislation that would have required troop withdrawals to begin this November and finish by April 1.

Under his latest plan, Murtha said he envisions troop withdrawals to start in November and take about a year to complete. A draft of his proposal did not include a firm end date.

So Genereal Patreus gets the requested "surge" in troops which he's only had now for a couple months (and which was overwhelmingly approved in the House and Senate), but since that didn't result in an immediate victory, surrender or all terrorists, peace on earth and goodwill toward men, the Dems resort to handwringing, wailing, and moaning again. And who better to do the handwringing for the Dems than the consumate handwringing professional, John Murtha.

So we'd still have to start withdrawing troops in November, but date to finish withdrawal is slightly murkier than the original April Fools Day.

Maybe at some point Murtha will realize the profound Freudian nature of that final exit date and put away his white flag once and for all... but I'm certainly not going to bet on it...

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