Friday, August 17, 2007

The Inconvenient Truth of global warming is being hampered by Inconvenient Facts

I suppose you could say that global warming wackos lied, and people panicked and bought hybrid cars. But what did they lie about? Let's check out Michael Fumento's latest article...

If you follow the global warming debate, you “know” that nine of the ten warmest years recorded in the U.S. lower 48 since 1880 have occurred since 1995, with the very hottest being 1998.

But whaddya know! Those figures are wrong. Data from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) now show the hottest year since 1880 was 1934. Nineteen-ninety-eight dropped to second, while the third hottest year was way back in 1921. Indeed, four of the 10 hottest years were in the 1930s, while only three were in the past decade.

The real 15 hottest years are spread over seven decades. Eight occurred before the chief “greenhouse gas,” atmospheric carbon dioxide, began its sharp rise; seven occurred afterwards.

Say it ain't so! So all Al Gore's inconvenient graphs in An Inconvenient Truth are inconveniently wrong?

Don't forget though that the global warming debate is over. The polar bears and penguins are roasting to death and it's our fault.

Even if the facts still don't support their premise...

UPDATE @ 8:08am on 8/18 - Michael has a more detailied version of the Townhall article posted at his website. Check it out for all the cool graphs. Chicks dig graphs.

Thanks for the link Michael!

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