Tuesday, October 12, 2004

What's "Cake or Death"?

I've gotten a few questions regarding the origin of my blog's title, Cake or Death. The phrase was actually coined by a favorite comedian of mine, Eddie Izzard, from his Dress to Kill show. I'd explain the context, but you ought to just go buy/rent the DVD. It's definitely worth it.

But when I was trying to think up a title for my blog, I enlisted the help of the fetching Mrs. Wookie. Cake or Death was my main idea, which Mrs. Wookie liked but she preferred her suggestion of Remove All Doubt (as in the old saying which goes something along the lines of let people think you're dumb rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt). Good suggestion (thanks Mrs. Wookie), very apropos since I'd be opening my mouth on just about every topic I could find. But I felt Cake or Death worked as a metaphor of the choice facing our nation this November. As Hugh Hewitt points out continually, this year the main issue is security, and who's going to protect you better, Dubya or John Forbes Kerry. That's a pretty easy choice, cake or death. But for those out there who think the "F" in John F. Kerry stands for "fritter" or "Fritos" or "fruit" or some other delictible delight (I think "flake" or "flip-flop" fits nicely), I hope I can convert you from the dark side.