Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Marines kill terrorists.

It's really that simple. It's their job; it's what we are paying them to do. But the PC vultures in the media and even those in the government are already circling this poor marine; expect to see him on trial for murder, conduct unbecoming, and/or court martial shortly. As Shot in the Dark points out, the lefty moonbats are already trying to blame this on the Bush administration.

Reality check dim bulbs. Bad things happen in war. In WWII there were hundreds of cases of prisoners being killed during what was undoubtedly the most just war of the previous century. This is an isolated case, not administration policy (as you moonbats would love to believe) and when you consider the circumstances totally justifiable. Froggy Ruminations has the details:

Here is your situation Marine. You just took fire from unlawful combatants shooting from a religious building attempting to use the sanctuary status of their position as protection. But you're in Fallujah now, and the Marine Corps has decided that they're not playing that game this time. That was Najaf. So you set the mosque on fire and you hose down the terrorists with small arms, launch some AT-4s (Rockets), some 40MM grenades into the building and things quiet down. So you run over there, and find some tangos wounded and pretending to be dead. You are aware that suicide martyrdom is like really popular with these kind of idiots, and like taking some Marines with them would be really cool. So you can either risk your life and your fireteam's lives by having them cover you while you bend down and search a guy that you think is pretending to be dead for some reason. Also, you don't know who or what is in the next room, and you're already speaking english to each other and its loud because your hearing is poor from shooting people for several days. So you know that there are many other rooms to enter, and that if anyone is still alive in those rooms, they know that Americans are in the mosque. Meanwhile (3 seconds later), you still have this terrorist that was just shooting at you from a mosque playing possum. What do you do? You double tap his head, and you go to the next room, that's what.What about the Geneva Conventions and all that Law of Land Warfare stuff? What about it. Without even addressing the issues at hand you first thought should be, "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6."

Arresting the insurgents is a holdover from the policing the situation mentality. Our objective in Iraq is not to take prisoners; it's destroy terrorism and facilitate democracy. It's not our job to coddle terrorists; that's for France and the UN.

UPDATE 1: The more I think about this the more I'm reminded of a line from Unforgiven:

"You just shot an unarmed man!"
"He should have armed himself."

UPDATE 2: Hugh played a clip of Chris Matthews on Hardball last night talking about this and he referred to the terrorists as "not bad guys" and "rivals." Pardon my French but that's bull-effing-sheit. They're not part of any army so they aren't protected by the Geneva convention and most of the people they've killed they've done so by the cowardly means of suicide bomb. In my opinion the marine was only doing what he had to to keep his ass safe. Hoo-hah.

UPDATE 3: Dennis Prager also referred to the liberal mentality here as policing the problem as opposed to trying to cure it. His statement was "would they prefer us to read him his miranda rights?" Indeed. Or perhaps offer to dress his wounds for him despite the fact others have played possum to kill GIs. Maybe get him a cup of coffee and a pillow while you're at it.